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Before we chat, make sure to check out these videos and go through the pre-call guide. It'll help set us up for a great discussion!

Don't forget to mark your calendar! The exact time, location and details of your ZOOM call with us have been sent to your email (be on the look out for it)

 Before The Call

Ensure you've watched Jesse's webinar prior to our Zoom call - it's key to getting the most out of our discussion and aligns everyone's understanding.

If you're ahead of the game and have already seen it, don't stop there! Continue to delve into the other videos on this page. They'll help you understand what's next!

How The Call Works

How to prepare for our trumpet chat checklist:

1.  Watch Webinar in full

2.  Watch Pre-Call video

3.  Bring partner or any decision makers to the chat

4.  If someone else covers your education expenses, bring them to chat

5.  Be in a quiet space

6. Make sure you have Zoom downloaded and ready to go

7. Warm up, I will likely ask you to play

Just in case you haven't heard me play yet, here are a few recordings to check out! 

Explore these case studies to see how conversations with me have been transformational in the lives of many others who made the same choice to connect.

What others are saying about us

Bruce McKinnon

"I'm filling up the room again, just that one thing....beautiful. Worth the whole program"


Achieved a Minor 3rd increase in her range in just 2 days! 


"Very, very, very, significant improvements in the last two months, improvements that I hadn't ever experienced before" 


"On point! I don't put money in what I don't believe in!"


"He really zeroed in to the problems I was having."


"Providing structure and what to work on has been a Godsend, I'm thrilled"


"He guided me so well, I made so many improvements in just a few weeks."


"When I'm at University I feel like I'm just being taught to, this feels like a developmental environment"


"The tips and tricks were very helpful"


"There was so much information I was gathering it was hurting my brain, so good!"



After years of only being able to play for 5-10 minutes due to fatigue and pain, he can now play for over an hour pain free!

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Follow Me On Social Media!