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Toot your own horn 

Master the Art of Trumpet Playing with Expert Insights, Timeless Techniques, and a Mindful Approach to Practice and Recovery

Achieving Consistent Trumpet Progress: Harnessing the Power of Recovery Cycles for Peak Performance

Hi, I Am Jesse-G

CEO Of Toot Your Own Horn LLC

With over 21 years of trumpet playing experience, I've had the honor of performing with Celebrity Cruise Lines, The World Famous Glenn Miller Orchestra, and at prestigious events such as the Latin Grammy Awards and Latin Billboard Awards. My journey has also led me to the Las Vegas strip as a freelance musician, and currently, I proudly serve as a Corporal in the United States Army as a trumpet player.

Throughout my career, I've been fortunate to learn from incredible mentors and teachers. My passion for helping fellow trumpet players achieve their full potential has inspired me to create Toot Your Own Horn, a blog dedicated to sharing the invaluable insights and techniques I've gained along the way. Join me as we explore the art of trumpet playing and embark on a journey towards musical mastery.

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